Tips for Improving Your Air Quality Over the Summer

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is vital to your health, and with summer right around the corner temperatures and humidity are steadily rising. This can result in more impurities in the outside air as well as the air inside of your Central Florida home. Although these are inevitable symptoms of Florida’s summertime heat, there are also solutions to counteract the affects the heat brings. Use these tips to improve your air quality as well as helping you to breathe easier this summer.

Open A Window or Go Explore. Instead of staying inside to avoid the sunlight or just being cooped up, go visit your local park, swimming pool or even your own porch. Getting a good amount of fresh air allows you to breathe better as well as your home. Opening a window and allowing fresh air to fill your home is another great way to let new air flow and any contaminated air to leave.

Go Green. All Central Floridian’s know that in the summer it means more insects and more bugs. There’s nowhere to run from them.  However, there is a solution.  Using organic pesticides and repellents not only get the job done, but also leave your home’s air and the outside air fresh and healthy. When we choose to use harsh aerosols or chemicals we in turn pollute the air we breathe outside and inside and even worse, damage our environment.

Spring Clean Ducts. Your home’s air ducts are solely used for the air flow and air quality throughout the house. Over time, your air ducts become full of contaminants such as dirt dust or even mold. Mold thrives in the summertime because of the rising temperatures and moisture in the air. It is vital to make sure your air ducts are being cleaned by a professional such as ABC Cleaning, Inc. before the real heat comes, possibly causing havoc in your Central Florida home.

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