Facts About Air Duct Cleaning

During these summer months your air ducts will see a lot of traffic. Living in Florida guarantees your unit will reach its maximum usage limits and beyond. The question is – does it need the kind of cleaning that other surfaces in your home does for ultimate efficiency?

Signs your air ducts may need cleaning:

  • Air duct with permanent or continuing water damage.
  • Mold, mildew, slime, or other bacterial growth.
  • Fragment buildup that restricts air-flow.
  • Dust, cobwebs, or other debris visibly blowing from ductwork/registers.
  • Indication of insect or rodent infiltration.
  • Unpleasant odors from your ductwork or HVAC system.
  • Frequent bouts of illness or allergies among your family.

Importance of cleaning air ducts

During normal usage dust can accumulate in air ducts which can lead to mold growth. That is why air duct cleaning and maintenance is crucial for your HVAC system. Recent research has shown that duct cleaning helps to reduce mold as well as increase the efficiency of your system. Actually, in most cases of excessive buildup, it can increase efficiency as much as 40 percent.

Are there any safety concerns?

Yes, there are safety concerns associated with air duct cleaning that is why duct cleaning must be performed when your home is unoccupied, such as nights and weekends. Special equipment is used for the safety of the air quality in your home, including filters, ventilation equipment, containment barriers, and more.

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