Apartment Air Duct Cleaning in Orlando – Is it Necessary?

Orlando, FL – With thousands of construction projects going on all the time, typical city pollution, grease from millions of restaurants, pets throwing dander everywhere, and more than a few cigarettes, the air out there is already a potential hotbed of allergens, irritants and other not-so-nice particulate matter. In a multi-unit building, air quality has another hurdle to jump—it has to filter through a system that is often neglected, dirty and totally out-of-date.

What amazes me, and we see it all the time is million-dollar apartments have all the amenities but often the worst indoor air quality. Common amongst the properties are ventilation issues, improper air flow/indoor air quality, dirty ducts, trash chute and compactors. Proper cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing, identifying air flow “blockages,” and cleaning of dryer vent exhausts are all steps a building can take to assess and improve its overall air quality profile.

But what exactly is in there that has the potential to cause so many problems? The most common culprits are pet dander, dust mites, allergens in the air, standard dust in the home – or a collection of all of those things—that come together and live in the duct work. Obstructed air ducts can cause a real safety problem in a building. Should a fire break out, it’s important that the air react as designed by the architects. There are cutoffs in the building that need to be maintained—which are sometimes encrusted with grease—and there are dampers that are sometimes not operational. Cleaning restores them to their operational value.

If an apartment has central air, I would have it cleaned every two years at minimum. Trash chutes and compactors should be cleaned every year. There are some properties that have a twice-a-year chute cleaning schedule—and they never have a roach problem, because they’re removing the buffet table of food that lies inside the chute.

The expense involved in cleaning up your air systems isn’t much, compared with the money you may have to spend in the future on exterminators (see above) or other repairs that might result from neglect.

If the air you breathe at home is starting to smell a little like your upstairs neighbor’s cigar or your downstairs neighbor’s cat box, perhaps a chat with management about the benefits of duct cleaning is in order—eventually, everyone will breathe a little easier.

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