What New Homeowners Should Expect from Summer

During the hot and heavy temperatures of the Central Florida summer it is imperative to stay cool in your new home. If you are a recent homebuyer you may not know frequent issues that come with your new home that will cause you chaos if you are not correctly prepared. The good news is that most of these issues are easily preventable if you are educated on what to look for.

Power Loss. During the summer months in Central Florida it is no surprise to see power outages after a heat wave or thunderstorm. Although it can be stressful to experience a power outage, it is easy to make sure you are ready for one whenever it decides to hit. Be sure to have an emergency kit stocked with candles, flashlights, water and canned food. You can also think about investing in a generator to eliminate the issues that come with lengthy power outages.

Uneven Cooling. Being a new homeowner you may conclude that your home isn’t cooling properly or to your liking. Before you go ahead and assume your HVAC is defective, scan the house and make sure all of the vents are completely open and are not being blocked or covered by anything. You also need to be sure to change your air filter regularly to avoid uneven cooling in different areas of your new home. If you are still unable to come to a solution, call your HVAC party to inspect and determine the issue.

Thermostat Problems. If your AC system is not responding it could be as simple as replacing the batteries in your thermostat. Unless your home is brand new you may not be aware when they were changed or if the batteries are dying. Dead batteries can be mistaken for a broken AC system and can cost you unnecessary and needless money.

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