Frozen Air Conditioner

In Florida temperatures can get extremely hot! With 90+ degree temperatures finally reaching the Florida area, many air conditioners, whether old or new will be pushing their top peak efficiency levels.

A typical call we receive during the summer months is that the air conditioning system has frozen up. There are a few reasons behind this problem:

Most causes of frozen air conditioner:

  • Low refrigerant level due to a leak in the air conditioning system
  • No air movement through air conditioner evaporator coil due to failing blower motor
  • Unclean/blocked filer not allowing airflow through the air conditioner evaporator coil
  • Clogged return air duct in the home, reducing airflow to air conditioner evaporator coil

Regardless of which one of the causes above, the HVAC system starts to freeze within the air conditioner coil. The freezing will then continue through the copper refrigerant lines toward the outside air conditioner condenser. Upon finding this freezing, there are important steps to follow.

What to do if your air conditioner is frozen:

  • It is crucial to turn the thermostat setting to Fan On only. Do not keep the cool setting on. Keeping fan on is an important step to keep the defrosting ice from spilling water onto mechanical parts of the system.
  • Check the filter (change it if it is dirty or clogged) to ensure you have no restricted airflow.
  • Check airflow through vents throughout the house to ensure that air is coming through your system.
  • As the system defrosts, call ABC your trusted air conditioner repair company to setup an appointment to do a complete diagnostic. We’ll test refrigerant levels, the blower motor, and other risk areas.

If your HVAC system is frozen up just remember the system will have to defrost before a thorough diagnostic can be performed. Give us a call at ABC so we can help.

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