3 HVAC Innovations That We Cannot Wait to Try

Since the invention of central cooling and heating HVAC technology has not changed too drastically. If your home in Central Florida was built within the last few decades then it is most likely similar to most homes nationwide. But these 3 inventions state to us that HVAC innovation is not history.

Smart Vents. A small amount of companies have just recently developed smart vents that are able to regulate air flow throughout your home. As you may already be aware of, zoned ductless systems allow you to heat and cool different rooms freely for better efficiency. However, smart vents are able to replace your existing vents and can be controlled through a simple smartphone app allowing you to set your personal setting for individual rooms.

Motion-Activated Misters. A small group of engineers have just innovated a new AC system that have a couple unique settings. First, it is motion-activated. This means that the aluminum rods that are installed in your ceiling activate only when people are present in the room. Second, there is a “Cloud Clast System” that uses water rather than air as its main cooling agent that mistifies you as you walk by it.

3-D Printed Cooling Bricks. Inspired by ancient technology, a company called Emerging Objects have designed “Cool Bricks”, a lattice-like brick that use evaporating cooling method via 3D printers.

While we anticipate these products to be available to the public, there are still plenty of ways to enhance the effciency and comfort in your home.

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