Pets Don’t Need to Run Up Your Electric Bills

With all the advancements in technology today, programmable thermostats are a logical way to help manage your energy bills. Within a click of the mouse or swipe of your smartphone screen, you can increase or decrease your home’s temperature instantly. The convenience of this modern day device gives you control over your home’s temperature whether you’re home or not.

While this is a money-saving way to regulate your home comfort, pet-owners become anxious about turning the temperature down and leaving their animals without heat. Not to worry!  It’s not uncommon for cats to find a warm spot to stretch out so they can regulate their body heat, while dogs are actually able to handle the colder weather in general. Find a safe place that is free from extreme temperatures for your pet. Most healthy household dogs and cats should be fine if you decrease your home’s temperature while you are away.

The best person to ask specific questions about your animal is your vet. Discuss with the vet the safest temperature you can set your thermostat to when leaving your home for an extended period of time, especially during the colder months. Listed below are some other tips to keep your pet warm and healthy during the winter:


Make sure your pets have fresh water and stay hydrated during the colder months. Leave some extra food out during this cooler time as well.

Pet Clothing

Bundle up in extreme weather. Try to cover up all the way down the belly, especially when going on long walks outside. Be sure to wipe off your pets’ paws after a walk outside on a cold, wet day.


Check to make sure their bedding is totally dry. Adding a couple extra blankets during the lower temperature days can make for some good snuggle time.

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