Humidity and Your HVAC System

During Central Florida summers, temperatures can rise almost into the triple digits. Because of this, homeowners heavily rely on their HVAC system for providing cool temperatures to escape the heat. As with the heat rising, humidity also maintains a large role to the comfort and feel of the air inside and outside. There are a few ways in which humidity affects your home’s HVAC system, keep in mind these factors, and you will have a calm, cool summer to look forward to.

Reduces Productivity and Comfort Levels. The humidity outside will drastically affect the way you feel inside your Central Florida home. Often homeowners believe that in order to combat this issue, investing in a bigger and better air conditioning system will help solve the problem. News flash, that’s incorrect. Doing this will not only make the problem worse, but leave you with a hefty bill. The smart and effective way to solve this issue is to find an HVAC that suites the size of your home. This will remove the humidity, keep the home cool and stay reliable and healthy throughout the hot summer months.

Wears It Down. Because the humidity rises so much over Florida’s summer months, your HVAC system has to work even harder to be able to eliminate the moisture from the air inside of your home. When your HVAC system is consistently running, in other words, trying to do it’s job, this will cause your HVAC to be less efficient and rack up unwanted energy bills.

$$$. The most unwanted affect of rising humidity over Central Florida’s summer is increased energy costs. High humidity calls for increased condensation and more strain on your HVAC system to remove heat. In turn, the result of the high humidity is pricey energy bills and empty pockets.

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