Programmable Thermostats

What is so unique and helpful when installing a programmable thermostat in your home is that it will let you run a scheduled heating and cooling schedule without having to remember to manually change your settings throughout the day. Most programmable thermostats are able to automatically adjust the temperature in your home up to six or more times per day. You can also manually override the automatic settings if you need to at any time without interrupting the daily or weekly programming.

A programmable thermostat offers such simplicity of use, that it’s easy to set your home’s temperature lower while you are asleep or during the day when you are at work.  In the summer months, raising your home’s cooling temperature to over 78 degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours per day — a typical work day — can really make a difference in your utility bills.

When programming your thermostat, just take into account your daily routine. In the winter, do you like to sleep in a cooler house?  If you like your home cooler at night, set your thermostat to a lower setting about an hour before you go to bed so the house starts to cool down. Prior to waking up, you might want to set the thermostat so the heat comes on roughly two hours before you actually get up so the house is nice and warm.

You should also consider modifying the thermostat anytime your house is vacant for four or more hours per day. Typically, adjusting temperatures 5 – 8 degrees (down in winter, up in summer) can help save energy if you are going to be away from home for several hours.

These are a few tips and benefits of a programmable thermostat from Energy Star:

  • Install your thermostat away from heating or cooling registers, appliances,
    lighting, doorways, fireplaces, skylights and windows and areas that receive
    direct sunlight or drafts. Interior walls are best.
  • Keep the thermostat set at energy-saving temperaturesfor long periods of time, such as during the day when no one is home and at bedtime
  • Set the “hold” buttonat a constant energy-saving temperature when going
    away for the weekend or on vacation.
  • Change your batteries each year if your programmable thermostat runs on
    Some units will indicate when batteries must be changed.

In the end it is all about personal comfort. If you haven’t been consciously managing your temperature settings up to now, you might be pleasantly surprised that changing your settings up or down, will provide comfort at an affordable cost.

Give us a call at ABC we would enjoy talking and helping you find the right programmable thermostat to fit your family’s needs.

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