3 Reasons to Improve Your Home’s Air and Heat at the Same Time

Replacing different components of your HVAC system for your Central Florida home might seem like the right thing to do, but overall it isn’t the most cost effective move to make. In fact, improving your air and heat at the same time is a much smarter move to make and here are some reasons why:

Reduced Installation Costs. Opting to replace and improve your heating and air conditioner system now will reduce the installation costs when everything is done during the same service appointment. Installation costs make up a large percentage of your HVAC replacement, but it can be minimized by doing this. If you are worried about the costs, simply request an estimate and we will save you money out of your pocket.

You won’t have problems with a mismatched system. Having a mismatched system poses a threat to your HVAC and causes a few problems. Efficiency and longevity of these systems are compromised as well as a decreased life span of your HVAC. Mismatched systems can also result in untimely breakdowns and voided warranties.

Reduced Efficiency. As previously stated, your mismatched HVAC system results in lower efficiency than a matched one. This is because the newer half of your system is more efficient and newer, while the older one is dragging it down constantly. In this situation, your energy bills will stay just as high as they’ve been and in turn defeating the purpose of improving and upgrading just one half of your HVAC system. You will not do your home any favors by upgrading just one portion at a time.

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