3 HVAC Extras You Should Not Live Without

As you already know in Central Florida air conditioning is imperative, but you may not know that upgrading your AC system will not only improve your home but will also improve your life. We all want to make life a little easier and in the end save money, if you consider these 3 HVAC extras for your system you can see just how simple things can be.

Humidity & Moisture Sensors. Humidity in Central Florida may be at an all time high and that is why it is so crucial to monitor the water in the air inside your home. These affordable sensors can be connected via your smartphone and alarm you when they detect moisture or wetness. When you place your sensors on the floor in common places where you see flooding, moisture or leakage of any kind, they alert a signal before a small problem can lead into havoc. You also want to monitor your humidity levels and make sure it stays in a secure range.

Whole Home Automation. Having complete control of your HVAC system through your smartphone enables you to adjust the temperature in your home when you are away, in turn already saving you money on your utility bill. Whole home automation lets you monitor, adjust the temperature, and even open up your locks. Investing in a smart thermostat helps you see serious money saving on your bills and is a great alternative if you are not ready to switch to such a big upgrade.

Energy Efficient Upgrade. A brand new energy-efficient HVAC system will add value to your home and help lower your overall utility bills. Upgrading your system does not automatically mean spending a fortune and in the long run benefit your home as a whole. A good example of one energy efficient upgrade would be weatherproofing. Especially here in Central Florida weather and temperatures can be all over the place, but by adding attic insulation you can see that you will be saving significant money over time.

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