Importance of Programmable Thermostats

43% to 54% percent of an average homeowners energy budget can be contributed to heating and cooling costs. The programmed thermostat, the temperature-controlled, on/off switch that controls both heating and cooling, can play a vital role in determining either a high or low energy bill. If properly used, a programmable thermostat can help save up to 10% of the annual homeowner energy costs.

What is a Programmable Digital Thermostat?

It is a thermostat that can be programmed to multiple settings entered by the user, instead of manually manipulated like the mechanical and non-programmable standard digital thermostat.

Programmable Digital Thermostat features include:

  • Larger screen for viewing and programming along with memory.
  • Ability to program multiple temperature settings and changes according to:
  • Specific time of day and day of the week
  • According to homeowner’s schedule
  • Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Can be remotely programmed from any mobile device or computer.

More information, including an interactive demonstration showing how to program a generic thermostat can be found at ENERGY STAR®: Use Your Programmable Thermostat to Save Energy and Fight Global Warming.

Types of Programmable Digital Thermostats

Smart Thermostats

This type of thermostat is the next progression of the programmable thermostats. It has Wi-Fi capabilities, and is equipped with sensor packages and progressive graphical user interfaces. Screens allow easier programming and incorporate color changing backgrounds, clear menus and easy- to- read information.

Connected Thermostats

Another Wi-Fi connected thermostat that can be remotely controlled or programmed from any mobile device or computer. If you forget to pre-set the temperature before leaving the house, you can set it while in the car or wait until you get to work.

Learning Thermostats

This thermostat studies the habits and temperature settings of its’ homeowners through manual adjustment of temperatures for a week or two. Once the information has been stored it begins to automatically adjust the temperature based on the initial settings. This way it can help maximize the efficient use of heating and cooling. Some models have features for measuring humidity, light and motion. This type of thermostat works best for homeowners on a set routine.

Communication Thermostats (SMART GRID)

This type of thermostat is supplied by local utility companies and work off of utility smart meters and smart grids. Through technology the smart grid allows for dual communication between the customer and the utility. Thermostats can be utility controlled or self-controlled. More information on the smart grid can be found on website.

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