Daylight Savings and Spring Cleaning of your Orlando HVAC System

Orlando, FL – Now’s the perfect time to get your heating, ventilation and air conditioning duct system (HVAC) cleaned to coincide with daylight savings time in your Orlando area home. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), routine cleaning of the air ducts is necessary if you have a fuel burning furnace, fireplace or stove that heats up the home through the ducts; and they should be cleaned on a case by case basis.   For the other components of the HVAC system, there are multiple advantages to having them cleaned regularly so it makes good sense to remember to spring clean your HVAC systems too.

So what are the advantages for cleaning your HVAC components this spring?

HVAC systems are used in just about all Orlando home and have ducts throughout the house where cool and warm air flows to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. You can set the system to fan, which keeps the air in your home circulating without cooling or heating it. Many HVAC dealers recommend the components, like the coils, fans and heating and cooling, be cleaned regularly to keep your system working to its full potential. This helps your HVAC system run smoother, last longer and helps keep your warranty valid.

Issues with Mold in Orlando Home?

Having your HVAC ducts cleaned can get rid of a mold problem. If you peek inside your air ducts or you smell a musty smell, you may have mold. If you do in fact have mold, you need to have your ducts cleaned because mold can cause serious health problems, especially in your respiratory system. You also need to diagnose what caused the mold and have that fixed, as well as replace the insulation, if any, inside your air ducts.

Dirty Ducts in Orlando, FL

Having your HVAC ducts cleaned can clear the ducts of dirt, dust and debris overtime. This build up can affect the system’s ability to function at full power. A certified HVAC technician will help you determine if it is really enough dirt, dust and debris to warrant a cleaning.

Allergies Problems in Orlando?

Having your HVAC ducts cleaned can help with your allergies, especially this time of year. As mentioned above, you may have buildup of dirt, dust and debris, or even pollen. If you notice your allergies getting worse, it may be an indication that your ducts are dirty. You may only need to replace your filters, or it may be something else entirely. Call the experts at ABC today to help keep your family comfortable and healthy. One call will help you realize the importance of having the ABC professionals on your side for your spring HVAC cleaning needs.

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