Air Quality Tips for First-Time Orlando Homebuyers

Orlando, FL – Are you a first time homebuyer in Orlando? It’s important for first-time homebuyers to inspect the air quality of the new home they are considering for the health and well-being of their family. Although most associate indoor pollutants with older homes, new and remodeled homes can have major problems.

The quality of the breathable air in your new home is an important consideration when making the biggest financial decision you will ever make. The Orlando home could be contaminated with several different problems such as; elevated levels of chemical, microbial and even radioactive pollutants. Mold & moisture, radon and smoke are a few of the more common problems.

Fortunately, Orlando air duct cleaning specialist like ABC Air & Heat and ABC Cleaning, Inc. can inspect the home’s HVAC system and the overall air quality to determine if any problems exist and make recommendation to remediate the problem area.

For first time buyers and most borrowers, most mortgage lenders require homeowner’s insurance that covers indoor air quality issues. A standard homeowner’s insurance policy typically covers the home and personal property, but most have important exclusions. These may include damage caused by natural disasters such as flooding, tornadoes and hurricanes. In Orlando and warmer southern areas, high temperatures and humidity can adversely increase levels of some pollutants.

ABC Air Conditioning & Heating Specialist in Orlando

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