A Few Places in the Home that Harbor Allergens

When you suffer from allergies it is vital to take into account the numerous amount of places allergens can be hiding in your Central Florida home. Here are just a few places where you are likely to find allergens in your area:

In the Bed. A major allergen that we are all exposed to a night in our bedding are dust mites. Dust mites themselves and especially dust mite waste, can cause allergic reactions and flare ups. By washing your bedding in hot water weekly you can maintain their fecal matter and keep them in check. You may also want to invest in pillow and mattress covers which help keep dust mites from multiplying and living deep inside your mattress and pillows.

On the Carpet. The leading source of indoor allergens are carpeted floors. Dust mites, pollen, and other allergens are easily tracked inside on your shoes depositing them all over your carpet. These allergens cause you to sneeze, cough, have a runny nose and/or itch. Removing carpet can radically remove those indoor allergens, but if you cannot make this change, be sure to vacuum your floors frequently with a HEPA vacuum as well as using an air purifier.

In the Air. In moist rooms like the basement and bathroom, mold can grow because it is a year-round allergen. Using exhaust fans when you’re showering is a must, but even this doesn’t always clear up the problem but a few HVAC add-ons such as a UV lamp can kill airborne mold at its source. You can also schedule an expert air duct cleaning with ABC Cleaning to ensure your ductwork is free from any mold or mildew.

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