3 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) at the Office

While Central Florida residents can control the indoor air quality in their homes, we have little control over a few things at the office. Here are a few steps you can take to boost the quality of your indoor air at work:

Store Food Properly. Unfortunately, food is a major source of bad odors and while you may dispose your food in a timely manner it doesn’t mean your co-workers are doing the same. Check desk drawers, lunch bags and cabinets if you’re smelling something that seems a little off. Also, make sure to dispose of trash daily because rotting food is a common air quality pest.

Do not Block Vents. If your desk or work area seems to be blocking an air vent your office building’s HVAC system will not be ventilating properly and will become ineffective when there is an obstruction blocking it. You may also want to talk to your superior about maybe scheduling a duct cleaning to ensure that the office building’s ductwork is clear from any clogs or pollutants.

Keep a Plant Your Desk. Spider plants, succulents, potted mums and snake plants help absorb air contaminants and provide oxygen. If your office does not keep plants throughout the building, keeping a cleansing plant around you or around your desk will have great benefits and can help boost focus and productivity.

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